Why? Because shame is how you face what disturbs you. Shame twists your healing path, leading you to turn against yourself, wishing you were someone else, or simply believing that something is wrong with you.
There is another option: Facing your difficulties as if there is a deep message and meaning in them, as if they are offering doorways to the shadow’s gold, as if they are invitations to embracing your wholeness like never before.

You will leave this workshop with new eyes and a new relationship with yourself and what you suffer from.

5 Part Series

Through a carefully sequenced series of 5 sessions, you will see how shame weaves its insidious web, blinding you, convincing you that you are less beautiful, intelligent and powerful than you really are.

In each session, I will introduce another aspect of shame:

  • SESSION 1: We define shame. Elucidate its meaning and workings through story. Bear witness to how an un-shamed approach unfolds the flower of our difficulties.

  • SESSION 2: We enter the body’s intelligence by working somatically with our physical health and symptoms. Un-shaming our symptoms – not seeing them as something to “cure” or “fix,” connects us with their meaning and powers.

  • SESSION 3: We continue working through soma’s intelligence, only this time we begin with our feeling life and emotions that disturb our status quo. Un-shaming those feelings, we unlock the doorway to their intelligence.

  • SESSION 4: Breaking shame’s grip requires that we empower our boundary making capacity. Here we build a relationship with that power, where it lives in our body, and the early story that robbed us of its power.

  • SESSION 5: Shame has its origin in early abuse and trauma. That is because these early experiences are denied, dismissed or gaslighted, leading us to internalize these ways of witnessing ourselves. The result: We fall prey to crippling inner criticism that lives in the shadows, under the radar of our awareness. In essence, we become subject to inner-abuse and the shame perpetuated by the fact that it goes unnoticed. In this final session, we will work with our deeper responses to this form of abuse, bringing forward the grief, hurt and power to defend ourselves.


Each session will be live on Zoom with a recording available.

I will walk you through this deep education through theory and exercises. But the most powerful part of the training, according to students, will be witnessing me model non-shaming approaches to working with you – the participants of the training.

Special Note:

This is also a great pre-requisite to my 10 Month facilitation Training - a training focused on your professional development as therapists, coaches and healers.

What People are Saying:

Kiran Friesen, Somatic Coach

"The brilliance and sensitivity of David Bedrick continues to melt and spark me somatically, emotionally, mentally...Honestly, what he has to say is so deeply true, and revolutionary in the face of our accepted armchair psychological axioms, that it can feel like a salve to the soul."

Asha Frost, Indigenous Healer

"David’s teachings are filled with deep healing and wisdom. Every single time I work with David, I come away with new understanding of how to love myself better as an Indigenous Woman."

Ananya H., PhD, Shadow and Sexuality Coach

"David is a real wizard who reveals assumptions we didn't even know we were making and stories we didn't realize we were believing. His ability to counteract the ways I shame myself and create empowerment out of something that seemed like a flaw is refreshing, astonishing, and compelling. More than this, he is truly humble and caring as a teacher. He is the staunchest ally of clients and students alike, showing us again and again what happens when a person is fully believed and accepted."

Daniela Jochmannova, therapist

"David is a real huMAN. He looks at you with his heart, eyes and ears wide open and he really sees and hears ALL of you. And he is not scared or intimidated by any of it. There is a living wisdom of really mastered craft of how to be a true friend to a human soul in everything he shares."