What is my body saying about my Spirit allies?

What is the Earth saying about my unique life path?

What is my wound saying about my truest gift?

What is my Death saying about the nature of my soul?

If you want to focus on your healing beyond your wounds, beyond the shame that grips and negates you, this workshop is for you.

What people are saying:

"In a space where many women were actively reckoning with ruptures they've experienced with men, David's perspective helped them to feel seen and understood in a way that many had never experienced before. Tears were shed within 10 minutes of him speaking. Lightbulb moments were had by all. Many women's relationship to themselves and their bodies shifted forever." - Blaire Lindsay, Women’s Coach

"I remember leaving that zoom meeting thinking to myself, “HOLY SHIT, I’m pretty certain I just met my authentic self for the first time.” Somatic intervention, specifically as it is taught by David within the context of Process Work, is not just deep level shit - it is break the fucking matrix level shit." - Sara Rhiannon, hypnotherapist

There is a uniqueness that is you. Sometimes I call it your "nature" - the part of you that is like nature, natural, fundamental to the seed of you.

Sometimes I refer to it as your gift - a precious gem at the center of your being that you orbit around, guiding the way you love, serve, and express the art of you.

Sometimes I call it the deep child - not the wounded child, but the child before the wound appeared.

If you hold that gift, that nature, that pre-wounded child as if it they are absolutely sacred, your life will flower as Spirit, Soul,  and Earth intended. If you become dismembered from this precious seed-Truth, the Angels will weep, the Earth will mourn, and you will be left wondering what is missing.


Jan. 12th, 19th, 26th & Feb. 2nd at 12:00 - 2:00 pm Mountain Time

The workshop will be on Zoom video conference. Each session will be recorded in case you miss a session. Each class will consist of teachings, discussion, an exercise, and work with individuals in order to deepen the learning and model soul work.

The 4 workshop topics are:

1. Beyond Mind: The Path of Soma and Dancing 

2. Beyond Healing: The Gift in the Wound  

3. Beyond Body: The Earth that Sings Your Song  

4. Beyond Death: Your Eternal Self 

What people are saying:

"Being a therapist and a lawyer  Bedrick is the ideal guide who masters both the realist's and dreamer's overview of today's world."  - Arny Mindell, Ph.D., Author of Shaman's Body 

"David's work is miraculous... it's what I've been waiting to meet all of my life. And it's changing not just my relationship to myself, but the way I love and serve." - Simone Grace Seol, Life Coach


The live classes are complete but this course is still available for self-study. Once purchased and registered, you will have instant access to all of the videos.


Meet Your Facilitator

David Bedrick

David Bedrick, J.D., Dipl. PW is a process worker, attorney and facilitator. He is the author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology and Revisioning Activism: Bringing Depth, Dialogue, and Diversity to Individual and Social Change. His latest book is You Can’t Judge a Body by Its Cover: 17 Women's Stories of Hunger, Body Shame and Redemption. About his new book, Publisher’s Weekly wrote, “Bedrick celebrates 'the deep wisdom held in... hearts, minds, and bodies' of women in this powerful collection of profiles.” David is the founder of the Santa Fe Institute for Shame based Studies where he teachers and works with individuals around the world.