• Develop and deepen your somatic skills. We’ll be focusing first on physical symptoms and how to access the body as a doorway to the emotional life and intelligence of those we serve. We will expand our understanding of how and when to access the soma and integrate them with other interventions methods to support just about any difficulty people face.  

  • Learn how to work with the body’s movement, via posture, hand motions, body language, and dance - an important method so people can then learn to express what is in their body.

  • Work with the voice and learning how to integrate voice with the soma and movement; supporting people with accessing body intelligence and wisdom with sound and verbal communication. We’ll also learn how to deepen people’s process through using sound and music. 

  •  Work with shamanic interventions and client shape shifting: Deep experiential learning that comes when one embodies and occupies split-off shadow aspects of themselves, building and strengthening the inner wiring, the pathway, to the freedom of accessing more of their whole selves. 

  •  Work with drama therapy and role play: So much goes on in the psyche that shows up as inner dialogue, especially and importantly when it comes to inner criticism, self-hatred, shame, introjected parental figures and internalized oppression. Playing it out in dramatic role play can be a powerful intervention to powerfully raise awareness and work out conflicts and tensions.

  • Learn how to work with client stories: Using our eyes, ears, intuitions and the methods above to fill in the gaps that allow these stories to complete themselves. 

  • Learn how to work with and navigate abuse: Learning how to discern the client’s consent when it is not made explicit through watching for minimal cues and signals as we proceed with each intervention. We’ll spend signifiant time learning about these communications so that the interaction we are having with our client is not re-abusing or re-traumatizing.

  • Learn the functions of those who witness or didn’t witness an abusive event or history. These witnesses are keys to understanding how abuse lives in our clients and what the healing path looks like. 

  • The Earth is our home and our connection to the Earth is not only one of the great wisdoms of most Indigenous cultures, but also our indigenous selves. We’ll be working with a number of Earth-based interventions: 'go-to' Earth spots or locations in dreaming, directionality, polarities and magnetism. We'll be using these connections to work with trauma and help people find their path.

  •  Work with trauma using the above interventions and having a multitude of methods and awareness oriented facilitation options. We will also 1) look at the intelligence of dissociation, helping our clients move closer to or away from traumatic experiences, 2) learn how to help people find their inner healer, and 3) work with death and detachment.

These skills will be applied to areas of healing beyond abuse and trauma, including addictive tendencies and dependencies, deep feeling states (anxiety, depression, jealousy), relationship difficulties, life/career paths, body shame, esteem, and more. 

Beginning in March 2022, the classes will be held from 12:00pm -2:00pm Mountain Time on Thursdays, three times a month for the first two months and then 2x a month for the next 8 months.  

This training is all online via Zoom classes. All sessions will be recorded for you to access if you miss a class or simply would like to review.

The sessions include theory, exercises and modeling the interventions. Further into the training you will facilitate another student while I coach you in order to deepen the learning process. 

In addition to the live classes, there is some reading - about a book a month. And the need to meet in small groups 1-2x per month for about 1.5 hours. 


Pay in Full - $5000 USD

Payment Plan - 10 x $500 monthly payments


"David really opened a Brave New World in my eyes, my heart and the heart of the people I work with."

- Aimilia Markouizou Gkika, MA, Psychologist, Systemic Family Psychotherapist

"David has vision and passion, highly developed process work skills, and competence to work with the body and its wisdom. David goes deep with the trainees according to their state of need and disclosure, while staying in tune emotionally and teaching the rest of the group how to benefit from the various techniques he uses, while creating a protective net around the person who decides to open up and work some deep issues. It is also remarkable how he manages to do this on Zoom with people all over the world."

Going Deeper in my Scope of Practice

- Asha Frost, Indigenous Healer

"As a healer, I want to do my best to approach my work in a non-shaming matter and also see the fullness of the medicine in what folks are bringing to me. David’s training does just that. I am learning to dance with the shadow, go deeper in my scope of practice and be a more competent practitioner. I have taken many trainings over my years of practice and David is one of the most masterful teachers I have been with. He is a true visionary and I am so blessed to learn from him. "

A Truly Powerful and Transformational Approach

- Taylor Rose Godfrey, mother, writer, therapist

"This training is truly a powerful and transformational approach in the world of trauma-informed practices. I have seen a drastic field of wonder open up in working with my therapy clients since training with David. The program has me marinating in rippling wisdom."

"A master of the human mind and heart..."

- Carolyn Parrs CEO & Founder of Mind Over Markets

“If you want to witness a master of the human mind and heart at work, study with David. His deep understanding of the human condition combined with sheer skillfulness, astute emotional intelligence and compassion pierce through the thick clouds we find ourselves in as humans and like magic, reveal the exact kernels of truth, healing and awakening you need to transform your life. David is a master of humanity.”


David Bedrick

David Bedrick, J.D., Dipl. PW is a process worker, attorney and facilitator. He is the author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology and Revisioning Activism: Bringing Depth, Dialogue, and Diversity to Individual and Social Change. His latest book is You Can’t Judge a Body by Its Cover: 17 Women's Stories of Hunger, Body Shame and Redemption. About his new book, Publisher’s Weekly wrote, “Bedrick celebrates 'the deep wisdom held in... hearts, minds, and bodies' of women in this powerful collection of profiles.” David is the founder of the Santa Fe Institute for Shame based Studies where he teachers and works with individuals around the world.